Who Has Access To Your Company Files?


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One of the amazing things about computers is the ability to collaborate with other people through file sharing.  File servers, cloud storage, all of it allows us to access documents, pictures, and other digital files, make changes, and save them for everyone else to use.  However, should “everyone” have access to your information?  This article is going to address that … Read More

Disposing Of Old Technology


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You have just performed a company wide refresh of all your computer equipment.  Everyone is happy with their faster machines, productivity is at an all time high, and golf scores are way down.  Perhaps everyone just got new smartphones, to replace your aging ones?  The question now is, what are you to do with all that old technology?  Below are … Read More

Alternatives To Cash During COVID


Covid 19, IT Consulting

Social distancing, uber-sanitized environments, and “contact-less” shopping are now all a part of our lexicon, and our way of life.  However, recently businesses began notifying their customers that due to a shortage of cash, they are unable to make change.  In some cases, businesses have stopped accepting cash altogether. Whether this is a sign of “the new normal” or not … Read More

Digital Retention Policies


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Over the years that you have run your business, you have amassed a lot of information.  Word documents, Excel files, and PDFs galore.  While it may seem like a good idea to hold onto all that information, you may want to consider crafting and implementing a digital retention policy. What is that? A data retention policy, or records retention policy, … Read More

Two Factor Authentication -Why You Need It


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The following is a true story, and one to pay very close attention to. A person tried logging into their Facebook account, but was unable to login.  They had the right password, but were told it was wrong.  Almost in an instant, online banking showed purchases online with Amazon.  At the same time this was happening, their Venmo and Paypal … Read More

USB Drive Security


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Believe it or not, USB drives, or “thumb drives”, as they are called, are still a popular tool for storing data.  They are compact, lightweight, and can be easily transported.  Also, the amount of storage space has increased dramatically over the years.  However, there are some important security items for you to consider if you are using them in your … Read More

Why You Need Commercial WIFI


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A long time ago (like 15-20 years ago) WIFI in a business was scarce, and largely unavailable.  Fast-forward to today, and WIFI is just as commonplace as sliced bread.  At first, WIFI was mostly used for a business’s customers, but quickly this expanded to being used internally by workers.  However, if your wireless network is running on consumer hardware, you … Read More

Backups – Healthy or Unhealthy?


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An article that we published about a year ago talks about how backups are important, and are a necessity in the business world. While backups are great to have, they are only good if the data on them is sound.  Here are some things to consider regarding your backups. Backup Types Knowing what type of backups you have goes a long … Read More

Security Cameras – Do You Need Them?


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It takes a significant amount of time to build up your business into what you want it to be.  You may have an office building, perhaps an outside yard that houses equipment and/or vehicles.  You also have your home to consider; your safe haven from the world containing all your possessions.  Have you considered getting a security camera system to … Read More

Windows Update 2004: Bugs


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Microsoft recently released their 2004 update build for Windows 10.  While some people are still on versions 1903 and 1909, a security update caused some problems.  Below is a list (not exhaustive) of some common problems. Printing Issues One of the bigger issues of this week was the fact that printers stopped printing.  After this past “Patch Tuesday” certain printers … Read More