Absolute Technology Solutions - Daniel Knight

Daniel Knight

Owner, Technology Consultant

Expertise: Network and Server Management, End to End Project Management, Out of the Box Solutions Certifications: ICC Master Technician, Qualys Security Management, Microsoft Office User Expert, MS MCP(2002) Favorite Tech Advancement: Virtual Environments, Cloud Computing, App Developments on Mobile devices Bio: I love the challenges that we are given every day by our clients. When asked can we do something, … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Larry Robins

Larry Robins

Technology Consultant

Expertise: Workstation, Network, Server & Mobile Support Favorite Tech Advancement: Radio Waves Bio: At a young age, I realized that I liked technology when I learned how to change the channels on the family cabinet TV with my GI Joe jeep. I’ve gained a wide range of skills which includes but is not limited to: sending email, receiving email, deleting … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Colby Combest

Colby Combest

Technology Consultant

Expertise: Desktop and server support, Networking, Project planning, Equipment installation. Favorite Tech Advancement: The Clapper, Google Fiber Bio: 2 ½ years of experience inside the IT world and an unrivaled knowledge base here at Absolute have given me the tools to provide support, maintenance, and client innovation in all aspects of technology. Building long-lasting relationships with my clients is my … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Justin Roland

Justin Roland

Technology Consultant

Expertise: Network Administration, Project Management and Implementation, Product Procurement, Help Desk Management, Marketing Certifications: A+ Favorite Tech Advancement: I have somewhat of an addiction to have the “latest and greatest”, I blame this on my days at Best Buy. It is not unreasonable to see me with the newest “whatchamacallit”, but more than likely I’ll be selling it very shortly. … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Seth Morris

Seth Morris

Technology Consultant

Expertise: Computers, Networks, Servers Favorite Tech Advancement: The wheel, power buttons, and the internet. Bio: I have had a desire to work in computer technology since experience in part-time jobs during high school. My enjoyment in using computers and intrigue in the “way things work” led me to get my Associates Degree in Computer Systems and Network Technology in 2000. Desiring … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Jason Shuttlesworth

Jason Shuttlesworth

Technology Consultant

Expertise: Network Administration, Problem Solving and Troubleshooting Favorite Tech Advancement: Quantum Teleportation Bio: Jason enjoys and takes pride in providing the best technology services available for you and your company. Prior to joining the Absolute Technology team, he worked in the Oil and Gas industry as well as consulting on his own for various companies and individuals in the East Texas … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Blake Wallace

Blake Wallace

Creative Director

Blake has worked professionally in the graphic design and web design field since 2001 but has been studying web design since the early 90’s.  As both a graphic designer and a web developer, Blake is able to create graphically unique designs and hand-code them using the latest techniques, including responsive design and mobile considerations.  He also designs a wide range … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Stacy Hildebrand

Stacy Hildebrand

Technology Consultant

Stacy has been involved in numerous aspects of technology throughout his professional career including website management, music production and video editing.  He holds a bachelor of music education degree from Henderson State University and has worked extensively in the ministry and education fields.  With this background, Stacy is better able to build strong relationships with clients and to help anticipate … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Zack Jones

Zack Jones

Technology Consultant

Zack is a customer-focused team member that prides himself on his promptness and attention to detail.  While relatively new to the IT landscape, he is a hard worker and enjoys working with his clients.  His patient personality serves him well in his role.

Absolute Technology Solutions - Aaron Blakeley

Aaron Blakeley

Creative Developer

Expertise: Web Development and Programing, Creative Writing and Content Strategy, Project Management, Product Management and Project Scoping Favorite Tech Advancement: Cross platform app development, development frameworks and cloud storage. Bio: Process, concepts, execution and innovation, that is who I am here at Absolute. I love taking a few sentence concept and then iterating over it until it is fully developed … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Philip Melton

Philip Melton

Technology Consultant

Expertise: Desktop Support, Troubleshooting, Customer Service, Audio and Visual Operations Favorite Tech Advancement: Cloud storage and administration (especially in education) Bio: I love helping people. I find the most satisfaction in my job by helping make someone’s life easier through the use of technology. Working in an educational environment (K-12), you never know what a day can bring. Whether it … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Hunter Bonner

Hunter Bonner

Technology Consultant

Expertise: Server Administration, Desktop Support, Desktop Imaging, Backup Administration, Mobile Device Support Problem Solving Certifications: CompTIA A+ Favorite Tech Advancement: Virtualization and the power of cloud computing Bio: A person once told me that when it comes to solving computer problems, “You’re like a dog with a bone.” That is who I am. I love tackling computer issues when they … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Rebecca Ganong

Rebecca Ganong

Technology Trainer

Rebecca has worked in Public Education as a classroom teacher with an emphasis on technology.  During her 30 years as a teacher, she integrated technology into her instruction with blogging, creating a paperless classroom, using Google apps for education, video editing and more.  Her expertise is helping other teachers find ways to bring technology alive in their class.  She has … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Zackary Thomas

Zackary Thomas

Technology Consultant

Expertise: Desktop Support, Troubleshooting, Customer Service, Project management, Networking Certifications: A+, Project+, Net+, and more on the way Favorite Tech Advancement: Fiber internet, Cell Phones, and Amazon Prime free shipping Bio: I love solving problems and seeing the relief come over someone when I am able to solve a problem for them. I am always up for working on any … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Aaron Nunnally

Aaron Nunnally

Technology Consultant

Favorite Tech Advancement: Digital Design with FPGAs Aaron enjoys that which allows him to make a positive impact in others’ lives.  Much of his own satisfaction comes from the satisfaction that others have when a need is met or an obstacle is removed.  While he is relatively new to the IT field, he has been heavily involved with technology and … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Chris Eich

Chris Eich

Technology Consultant

Expertise: Server Support, Desktop Support, Advanced Troubleshooting, Customer Service, Networking, Project Management, Team Lead Studies: A+, Network+, and more to come Favorite Tech Advancement: Smart Phones, Wi-fi Connected Devices Bio: Chris has loved computer technology since the early 90’s. He was first able to put this passion to use by working for a local computer store in 1997. He has stayed in this … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Malorie Roland

Malorie Roland


Malorie officially joined the team in 2017 after being part of the Absolute family for the last seven years. Prior to Absolute, she worked in healthcare and office management; however, with a passion for photography for the last 15+ years, she had an opportunity to turn that passion into a career with Absolute. Whether your company needs new product pictures … Read More

Absolute Technology Solutions - Alaina Strait

Alaina Strait

Accounting Manager

Alaina has lived in the East Texas area all her life. She has been married for 20 years and also has 2 beautiful children. She graduated from Pine Tree High School in 1993 and then continued her education at Kilgore College where she received her Associate’s Degree. She began working with Absolute over six years ago, initially to help the … Read More