Switching To A Paperless Environment


IT Consulting

For many years, printers have been, and still are, commonplace inside the office.  However, have you ever wondered if it’s possible to go to a paperless operation?  There are ways to do it, and the benefits are immediate. Printing Cost Savings When you decide to switch to a paperless environment, the most obvious benefit that you immediately receive is the … Read More

Physical vs Virtual Servers


IT Consulting, Server Management

Servers have been around for decades, and provide businesses with the ability to store documents, music, video, and running applications.  Therefore, businesses are faced with the decision of whether to purchase physical servers or go with a virtual server.  We will discuss the differences between them below. Physical Server It is exactly as the title states.  A physical server is … Read More

Microsoft Office Upgrade Time


IT Consulting, Microsoft

Microsoft Office is the gold standard when it comes to document production, spreadsheets, and other publishing tools.  You most likely have it installed on your computer right now, but do you know if it is current?  This article will explain why you need to upgrade to the latest version, which is called Microsoft 365. Security One of the main reasons … Read More

Do You Have A Plan B?


IT Consulting, Work From Home Solutions

During the past month in Texas, we were hit with an unprecedented winter storm of epic proportions. Many local businesses took several days to return to normal. Everything was shut down due to the inability to get to the office. Were you prepared for snow and power outages at your business? Did you have a “Plan B”? Be Ready, No … Read More

Why You Need Remote Management


IT Consulting, Remote Management, Security

When you get a new computer, it’s all shiny, and super fast.  You immediately get to work on it, because this new machine is going to help you productivity wise, versus that old dinosaur that you just retired.  However, while new computers are great to have, they still need to be maintained.  This is why you need remote management from … Read More

Why You Should Never Allow Personal Laptops For Business


IT Consulting, Security

In the business world, “bring your own device” (BYOD) is now a standard, in terms of employee communications.  Some may think this also applies to computers and allow employees to bring their personal laptop to their job.  This is a practice that should never be done in a business environment.  The following article lays out why allowing employees to use … Read More

Time To Move Away From Internet Explorer


IT Consulting, Microsoft

For millions of users, Internet Explorer has been the go-to browser for surfing the internet.  For many years (since 1995), it was the only browser for displaying web pages, and many software developers and web programmers made sure that their sites would display well in Microsoft’s flagship browser. Twenty-five years is a long time, and like all good things, Internet … Read More

Distributing New Chomebooks at NISD


Covid 19, IT Consulting, Project Management

Absolute had the privilege of assisting Nacogdoches ISD’s Technology Department with a roll-out of Chromebooks for their students. This was an incredible opportunity to help in such a large technology roll-out for a school district. At Absolute, we thrive on having the flexibility and opportunity to assist in a roll-out that might require our entire staff of 31 employees. There … Read More

Microsoft Forcing Update To Windows 10



If you are on Windows 10 version 1903, this version will no longer be supported by Microsoft.  As a result of this, Microsoft started forcibly pushing the update to Windows build 1909.  So what can you expect from this action? Minor Update to Windows This is a minor update.  The October 2020 release is out and available for download, but … Read More

Cloud Server vs In-House Server


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As your business grows, storage of all your data is a key concern.  One thing that may come to mind is, “Should we have in house servers, or move completely to the cloud?”  This article will address the pros and cons of both options. In-House Server For decades now, in house servers have been the standard on how businesses store … Read More