Remote Management with Absolute

Why You Need Remote Management

When you get a new computer, it’s all shiny, and super fast.  You immediately get to work on it, because this new machine is going to help you productivity wise, versus that old dinosaur that you just retired.  However, while new computers are great to have, they still need to be maintained.  This is why you need remote management from Absolute Technology Solutions.

Keeping Up-To-Date

Whether you have a brand new computer, or one that is a few years old, that machine needs to be kept up to date.  Microsoft/Apple put out bug fixes and security patches for their operating systems on a regular basis.  Allowing these to fall by the wayside can and often will, cause issues with your computer.  Also, due to operating system updates, some of your hardware drivers may need updating.  With remote management, those items can be kept up to date, and in many cases without interrupting your workday.  These types of updates can seamlessly be run in the background while you still work on the important project.

Security Management

Maintaining IT security in your organization is paramount.  This covers everything from your computers and servers, down to your network equipment, such as firewalls.  Remote management of your systems allows us to be alerted of potential, or actual threats to your systems.  If your computer has encountered a potential virus, we know about it.  Someone trying to compromise your firewall?  We will know about it.  This intense monitoring all happens, while you are left to focus on what you do best.

Planning For The Future

Remote management also provides insights into how old your IT equipment actually is.  Perhaps you have forgotten that one problematic machine is now 7 years old?  What about that machine you purchased a little over a year ago that seems to be having hardware issues?  Remote management gathers all sorts of diagnostic information such as computer serial numbers, hardware information, and warranty information.

By maintaining an accurate list of your computer assets, you are able to better plan for their replacements.  Instead of dropping a large sum of money at once on every machine in your organization, you know which equipment is the oldest, and can replace your IT equipment on a controlled schedule.

Ready For Next Step?

Now that you know the benefits of remote management, you may be ready to learn more about this service.  We can customize a solution that works best for your organization.  Call or email us today, and we can go to work for you.

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