How To Think About Your Online Presence

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You walk into a party and you make your way over to the snacks. No one knows you, no one speaks to you, and you might as well not be there. You munch your celery and ranch dip while thinking about how you might get more people to know you. So you break out your phone and take some pictures. … Read More

UPDATED – Support For Windows 7 Ending

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    UPDATE You Have Until January 14, 2020, To Update Your Windows 7 Installation Window 7 support will end on January 14, 2020. If you have waited until this point to upgrade your system you will need to talk to your IT department or contact us to help you. When support for Windows 7 ends there will not be … Read More

Your Website Is A Drowning Fish Without Your Content

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Does a fish need water? The short answer is yes you need content for your website, there could be a full stop here and it would be a very short article. Yet, the question is a whole lot deeper than finding out the bad news that you might have to write three hundred plus words about your business on a … Read More

Why We Develop Websites With WordPress

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If you have ever owned your own website or considered it, you have probably asked the questions, “What happens if I change vendors? Do I get to keep my website?” We have heard these questions many times from frustrated small businesses who have been burned before by other less reputable companies. There are plenty of freelancers and web development companies … Read More

Intel, AMD, ARM Chips Have Had A Critical Flaw Since 1995, Meltdown and Spectre

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In an ever growing drive to create faster and faster processors a type of processing known as speculative processing was born. Speculative processing allows the Central Processing Unit (CPU), the brain of the computer, to process commands and data out of order instead of bottle necking at a single process that might take longer than another. Each time a program … Read More

How To Make A Landing Page and Why


Start At The End Once while I was struggling to complete a narrative on another post a friend said “start at the end and work your way to the beginning.” Common sense but still very wise advice. This stands true for your marketing. Often we start with technology and then try to wriggle our way to some kind of cohesive … Read More

App Development Part 3 – How are you going to pay for it or How I stopped worrying and learned to love investors.

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There are no bones about it. App development is an expensive endeavor with many facets and lots of opportunities for things to go wrong. Even when you go about doing it the right way, by finding your MVP and planning accordingly, you will still have to fund the project. Most of the time when an app is being considered it … Read More

Backups – A Business Necessity

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It may seem like a no-brainer to some, but there are some businesses that do not have a robust backup system in place.  Backups are a necessity in the business world, regardless of how big, or how small, a business may be.  If you are “backing up” your data, you may not have enough redundancy in place to recover lost … Read More

App Development Part 2 – Wire frames, Times lines, and Flow charts OH MY!

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App development can be made or broken in the plan. Our experience at absolute has shown time and time again that if you want an app development project to succeed, then planning every step must be part of the process. The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. If the author Robert Burns is right, then how much … Read More

App Development Part 1 – Finding the MVP

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You have an idea for the next great mobile app, and now you need someone to develop your app. Then you also need a website, marketing, e-commerce and maybe even the ability for your users to upload a special kind of  unique data that only you know how to process correctly. Picture this scenario.  You spend time detailing out all the … Read More