Your Website Is A Drowning Fish Without Your Content

Does a fish need water? The short answer is yes you need content for your website, there could be a full stop here and it would be a very short article. Yet, the question is a whole lot deeper than finding out the bad news that you might have to write three hundred plus words about your business on a regular basis.

How does one write three hundred plus words at any given moment? The average person posts 140 characters that can be about ten words. Posting one to two times a day gets you up to twenty words. If you take in texts, and emails then you are looking at well over three hundred words a day. Looks like you are already a prolific writer.

So if the problem is not the number of words you need to write, then what is the problem? Most likely the problem lies in knowing what to write about. I know it sounds crazy but the problem is not solved by having all the ideas or some monolithic brainstorming session. It is actually solved by having a set time in the week to write out your marketing post and then actually doing that.

Take this article you are reading right now. I did not stew on this for hours to come up with the perfect topic. Instead of doing that I took the issue right in front of me and went about building an answer for you, my wonderful client. Your business is interesting to your clients. You have something to offer your clients and you have the ability to write that content already. You just need to take the time to do so.

Let’s assume you don’t have the time to do this. Well, let us help you solve that problem today.

There are three hundred words above this line. Now that you know what it looks like hopefully, you feel more confident in your ability to write this much each week.

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