Do You Have A Plan B?

IT Consulting, Work From Home Solutions

During the past month in Texas, we were hit with an unprecedented winter storm of epic proportions. Many local businesses took several days to return to normal. Everything was shut down due to the inability to get to the office. Were you prepared for snow and power outages at your business? Did you have a “Plan B”? Be Ready, No … Read More

Cloud File Sharing

Covid 19, IT Consulting, Work From Home Solutions

When the COVID-19 pandemic first started, many businesses scrambled to find ways to continue working while their workforce was remote.  The biggest question many owners faced was, “How can we access our files remotely?”  In this article, we will cover the reasons why you should consider cloud file sharing. Why “The Cloud”? Cloud file sharing has many advantages over using … Read More

Working Remote? Time to Find Your Whiteboard Replacement

Covid 19, Work From Home Solutions

You are now working remotely, and if you are like us, you no longer have access to the whiteboard in your office. How much longer can you be expected to function without this valuable tool? Fortunately, there is an alternative that you may find even more useful than the one you’ve grown accustomed to, Digital Whiteboards. OK, So What Are … Read More

Internet Connection – Is It Warp Speed, Or Slow Go?

Covid 19, IT Consulting, Work From Home Solutions

For many, working from home has become the “new normal”.  Zoom Meetings, VPNs, remote PC services, all of these have become part of our office lingo, and our day to day tools for getting the job done.  Working remotely does present some challenges and considerations that we take for granted when back at the office.  One of those is internet … Read More

Safety and Security While Using Zoom

Security, Work From Home Solutions

If You’re Required to use Zoom as a Meeting Host Zoom is the most widely known platform, and when participating we don’t often get to choose which system we’ll be meeting on. Sometimes our employers require a certain platform, or sometimes our audience expects it. If you don’t have a choice in which platform to use, there are still some … Read More

Does Your Network Have A Protective “Face Mask” to the World?

Covid 19, IT Consulting, Security, Work From Home Solutions

During Times Like Now, It’s Important We Don’t Let Our Guard Down The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a surge in people working from home. This transition has been made much easier through the use of readily available tools like Zoom, and various VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). However, many businesses were not prepared to have their workforce suddenly become remote workers. … Read More

Top 3 Programs that Help Your Business Operate Under Shelter-in-Place

Covid 19, IT Consulting, Work From Home Solutions

Absolute has worked diligently over these last few weeks to position ourselves, and many of our clients, with the tools and abilities to work remotely. We want to highlight our Top 3 software programs that help your business continue to operate while we all “Shelter-in-Place”. 1) LogMeIn (Remote Computer Access) – We have used LogMeIn for over 10 years and … Read More