Websites Are Marketing Platforms

Industry, Marketing, Web Design

“I want to be found on Google.” ~ Business Owner This is the desire of most business owners. If a potential customer searches for my service, product, craft, etc. Then I want them to find me. We all know what happens next too. You go out and hire a web designer / developer, and they make you a website that … Read More

Senior Shepherds Case Study

Case Study

Who is Senior Shepherds? When Wyvette came into our office, she sold us immediately on her vision of at home care. Senior Shepherds is a patient-focused home care service that has taken a unique approach to this kind of work. From the start, Wyvette has regularly described a vision of caregivers and patients spending time together in mutually edifying relationships. … Read More

The Fittest I.T. Department and Creative Team

Company Culture, CrossFit

We sit a lot in the creative department. There was a brief appearance of a stand-up desk one that will eventually return but for the most part, we sit. Design, programming, writing it is all stationary brain work. The IT department is more mobile than us, but they still have to sit quite a bit. The owner of Absolute, Daniel … Read More

Pathway Church Case Study×380_.png

Case Study

Long-term clients are awesome. We love working with people and organizations and helping them grow and integrate their marketing, creative, and messaging into a cohesive effort. Time is the only resource that makes it possible. Pathway Church in Longview, TX is one of those clients. They have been with us since before we were a department. Having worked with one … Read More

Goode Brothers AC Case Study

Case Study

We have a problem in the office. Anytime someone says, “man that is good” or any phrase with the word good, suddenly we have this jingle playing in our heads. Call us Goode Good or Goodie we don’t really care. … This is because of a fantastic client called Goode Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning. Goode Brothers approached us interested … Read More

A New Site A New Pace


In recent history, Absolute’s creative department has been stretching our legs and muscles both figuratively and literally (all but a few of us have joined CrossFit). We are enhancing our web services to be more than just a designed site but a website that is a strong branch of any companies marketing efforts. We see your website, graphic design, print, SEO, content strategy and overall … Read More