Tyler Texas, How You Can Make Your Website and Web Design Better


Tyler Texas is enormous and full of life and history. The city has a very distinct feel and is bursting at the seams with creativity. Tyler is a city ready to reach its influence out into the surrounding areas. One of the ways you and your business in Tyler can do this is by having a website and web design that is more than just a website for websites sake.

When we build a website for a client, we handle their web design like we are building a marketing platform. Your website is the hub of your marketing efforts; it is the home base of your target market conquest.

With the way the modern consumer shops there is less “sales” and more inbound marketing happening every day, your website is no different. To help out here are five things you can do to utilize your website as a marketing hub.

Five Ways To Utilize Your Website and Web Design as A Marketing Platform

1. Read Your Analytics

Google analytics can give you some valuable insight into what is happening with the traffic on the site. Absolute can help you do this, but we also love to share the love. If you are feeling like DIYer well here are some helpful videos to get you started

Watch How To Read Google Analytics: Training Videos

2. Plan

Now that you know your analytics you need to plan. What are the people you need to talk to doing online? Where are they physically? Where do they hangout? What do they like to read about? What do they like on social media? These and other questions can help you decide how to structure the site and form a plan on messaging and the timing of those messages. Once you have a plan, then execute.

3. Blog

This is a sticky wicket for most business owners because you are busy doing business, you don’t have time to blog right!? Blogging or telling the story of your business is doing your business. Most businesses will benefit from regular news about the business, customer profiles, case studies and general company culture posts. Think of blogging as your way of telling the customers that frequent your services how you are doing and building their confidence and your expertise. This is also where the plan comes in major handy. If you plan to write then, plan also to write regularly at least once a week.

4. Create Landing Pages

A landing page is a page designed to show up for a specific search term, geographic area. They can help your potential customers find exactly what they are looking for. They also can provide specific analytics for your business. Check out an example.

5. Syndicate

Find channels that you can publish the content you are working so hard on and then publish it there too with attribution back to your original content. The best example of this is social media, but other channels can help you get your message spread across the internet like a delicious spread on toast.

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