Who Has Access To Your Company Files?

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One of the amazing things about computers is the ability to collaborate with other people through file sharing.  File servers, cloud storage, all of it allows us to access documents, pictures, and other digital files, make changes, and save them for everyone else to use.  However, should “everyone” have access to your information?  This article is going to address that very question.

Blanket Access = Total Disaster

Setting up a file server on your own, and giving everyone access to those files may not seem like a bad course of action.  However, it is really a recipe for total disaster.  As much as we would like to trust everyone to “stay in their lane”, that is just not grounded in reality.

For example, do you really want someone in the mail room having access to the HR folder?  Does the accounting file share need to be accessed by your front line employees? The potential for abuse in these scenarios is limitless, and it could cause you to face some legal action.  In short, there has to be segmentation of your data, and that means putting limits on what items people have access to.

Third Party Access

Most businesses are going to use software and hardware from different third parties, or vendors.  There are occasions that arise where they may need access to your files, so that their software will work.  Some vendors will just ask you to make them an admin on everything.  

However, that may not be the best solution.  Giving full control over all your files could lead to some major problems, such as your data finding its way out of your company.  Even worse would be a vendor accidentally, or on purpose, deleting important files.  Do you know how to grant enough permissions for their software to work, while still retaining the key to the front door?

Absolute Is Here To Help

If the following information now has you wondering how secure your files are, wonder no further.  We are your IT Department, and we have the experience on setting file permissions.  Contact us today, and we can go to work for you.

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