Phishing Alert – Micrоsоft Mail Suppоrt Center Message

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Your email is important to you, your business, and your employees. It is the modern world’s primary way of communicating. It provides a legal paper trail for communication and can hold some extremely sensitive information. Email security is everyone’s responsibility. 

We have discovered a new phishing attempt making the rounds that is targeting Microsoft Outlook 365 accounts. Here is an example:

In this example email, the word Microsoft and Mail are spelled using a lowercase L instead of a lowercase I. This is a major indicator showing the nefarious nature of this email.

From: Mıcrоsоft Maıl Suppоrt Center Message []

Also, the email above does not originate from Microsoft as you can see from the reply-to email address. Microsoft will not typically reach out to you in this manner. If you are working with a company like ours, you should receive a phone call from one of your Tech Consultants, explaining any actions you need to take.

What Should I do?

Remember, email security is everyone’s responsibility. If you have made the mistake of responding to or clicking on the link in a similar email or if you have questions,  please contact us today.