Goode Brothers AC Case Study

Goode Brothers Heating and Air Case Study

Case Study

We have a problem in the office. Anytime someone says, “man that is good” or any phrase with the word good, suddenly we have this jingle playing in our heads.

Call us Goode Good or Goodie we don’t really care. …

This is because of a fantastic client called Goode Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning.

Goode Brothers approached us interested in getting out from under the Yellow Pages and into a custom website that they can later do some cool stuff with. Some of their needs centered around being able to list their products on the site and reference the manufacturer.

During the design process we discovered they have a jingle:

This captures the essence of their company. They are always on the road connecting with their customers and doing excellent work. We took this and their existing logo and worked towards capturing the hometown AC guy feel. Like you were calling your buddy to help you with a problem. The Goode Brothers are also patriotic and wanted red, white and blue represented in the design.

In the creation of the project we threw in some leads capture and some major SEO work has gone into outranking the Yellow Page site. Slowly but surely the Goode Brothers brand is being reclaimed.

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