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You have just performed a company wide refresh of all your computer equipment.  Everyone is happy with their faster machines, productivity is at an all time high, and golf scores are way down.  Perhaps everyone just got new smartphones, to replace your aging ones?  The question now is, what are you to do with all that old technology?  Below are some tips to help you out.

Data Wipe

Before you just toss those machines into the dumpster, it is important to make sure that there is no personal, or business information on the hard drives.  Windows 10 offers a feature that will wipe the disk completely, operating system and all.  It is not good enough to just delete your personal files off the machine, as there are recovery tools that dumpster diving identity thieves can use to make your life miserable.

Some people choose to donate their computers to a local charity.  While this is a noble idea, there is a proper way of doing this.  Leaving the wiping of data up to someone else, is not recommended.

Phone Disposal

If you have some old smartphones that you are needing to get rid of, there are some options available to you.  If having a literal bonfire is out of the question, usually your phone service provider has a program to take your old phone, and dispose of it properly.  It is still a good idea though, to reset that phone to factory settings, before taking it in.

There are also some charitable organizations out there that take older phones, recondition them, and then distribute them to the elderly, the economically disadvantaged, and to disabled veterans.  The benefit of this of course is that you are helping someone in real need, not to mention the donation credit on your taxes.

What About Those Big Computer Towers?

Launching a computer case into the dumpster is not an option for you, and the tower of obsolescence in your business is something you are tired of looking at.  The best option is to have those computers recycled.  Computer recyclers take your old machine, and remove all the harmful materials, and separate the different parts to be reused in making more computers, or even other types of products.  It’s a great way to take a “green path” to disposing of your old unit.  Best of all, most recyclers can provide a certificate of destruction of your old hard drive.

Absolute Disposal

Absolute Technology Solutions has the experience and the knowledge to make sure your old technology is properly disposed of, and maintain your data security.  If you need help getting rid of your old systems securely, give us a call.  We are here to help.

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