Absolute Team


Peyton Perry

Creative Developer

After graduating from Spring Hill High School in 2011, I worked many different jobs and pursued many different degree paths and never found one that really suited me. Eventually, I settled on a degree in Computer Information Systems, graduating from the University of Texas at Tyler.

I joined the team in June of 2020, wondering how I would find a job after graduation in the middle of a pandemic. Since joining the team I have learned what really makes a website stand-out, how to get that website onto people’s devices, and what it takes to secure a website from external threats. I never thought I would get into the coding aspect of technology, but I couldn’t be happier with the opportunity I’ve been given and the knowledge I’ve gained as part of the Absolute team.

My wife, Catherine, is currently working towards her own degree in political science, with aspirations of law school at the University of Texas.