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Larry Robins

Larry Robins

Technology Consultant

At a young age, I realized that I liked technology when I learned how to change the channels on the family cabinet TV with my GI Joe jeep. I’ve gained a wide range of skills which includes but is not limited to: sending email, receiving email, deleting email, the web, using the mouse, clicking, double clicking, ladder holding, one handed Facebook browsing, and much more.

On a serious note, I utilize more than 10 years of experience in technology and customer service to ensure that every client gets the service of an In-House technology department. With experience ranging from non-profit entities to retail management, attention to the smallest detail of each project makes my technical knowledge even more valuable to the client. I have also served on a local non-profit board and I enjoy testing out the latest technology to help my customers stay on the cutting edge.

Favorite Tech Advancement:
Radio Waves


  • Workstation
  • Network
  • Server & Mobile Support