Absolute Team


Justin Roland

Technology Consultant

I strive to learn and apply technology through new innovations. I am committed and excited to learn the newest technology and/or gadgets. I have a strong desire to provide an “over-the-top” level of customer service to our clients. Having served in IT / Technology Management for 15+ years, I am committed to staying on top of the ever growing technology trends. Absolute is family to me and we have a commitment to becoming more than an IT department, we want to understand how we can make your company more efficient and more profitable through the use of technology. We truly do IT different!

LeTourneau University (BBA) 2010
Texas A&M Commerce (MBA) 2015

Favorite Tech Advancement: I have somewhat of an addiction to have the “latest and greatest”, I blame this on my days at Best Buy. It is not unreasonable to see me with the newest “whatchamacallit”, but more than likely I’ll be selling it very shortly. I’m kind of a beta tester without the benefits of actually getting to test it for free. I’ve been told years back that I should have started a Tech Blog, but my hold up is knowing how many things I’ve could have un-boxed and reviewed that I missed the opportunity with.


  • Network Administration
  • Project Management and Implementation
  • Product Procurement
  • Help Desk Management
  • Marketing


  • A+
  • Forninet NSE 1
  • Webroot Master
  • Webroot Security Awareness
  • Webroot DNS Protection
  • Webroot Endpoint Protection