Justin Roland

Justin Roland - Absolute Technology Solutions
Technology Consultant

Expertise: Network Administration, Project Management and Implementation, Product Procurement, Help Desk Management
Certifications: A+
Favorite Tech Advancement: Anything Apple, All kidding aside the advancement of the Smart Phones beginning with the iPhone in 2008. It is not unreasonable to see me with the newest phone, unless you are my wife who would say that is unreasonable, and that I should stick with one phone. I just enjoy trying out the latest and greatest.

Bio: I strive to learn and apply technology through new innovations. I am committed and excited to learn the newest technology and/or gadgets. I have a strong desire to provide an “over-the-top” level of customer service to our clients. I graduated from LeTourneau University with my Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 2010. I am currently pursuing my Masters of Business Administration degree from Texas A&M Commerce with a Minor in Marketing. I have served in IT / Technology Management for 10+ years as a consultant, within retail, and higher education.