Absolute Team


Aaron Blakeley

Senior Creative Developer

Process, concepts, execution and innovation, that is who I am here at Absolute. I love taking a few sentence concept and then iterating over it until it is fully developed and ready for execution.  I also have the pleasure of building our clients and our own ideas to fullness and maturity. That is when the fun begins! When we have clearly defined an idea and needs, we can innovate.

Whether it is your website, content strategy, app, Google rankings,  IT, eCommerce, networking, technology needs or something completely outside of the box, we can help you see all the details and complete them with excellence and a creative flare.

Favorite Tech Advancement: The Laravel framework, ebooks, self warming coffee mugs, and as many podcasts and ebooks I can stream into my ears.


  • Web Development and Programming
  • Online Cloud Systems Integrations
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • eCommerce – WooCommerce
  • Creative Writing and Content Strategy
  • Project Management
  • Project Scoping