Microsoft Office 365: Email & Security

Work smarter with business-class email and calendaring

 Absolute offers managed Office 365 accounts, taking that hassle of email management and security off your hands.  Unlike going directly to Microsoft, we are offering these plans at the cost of a yearly plan without the yearly commitment.

Get business-class email that adapts to your work style with an intelligent inbox and powerful calendaring.

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Exchange Online Plan 1


Per Month/Box
  • 50 GB Mailbox per user
  • Shared Calendars, Groups, Global Address List, External Contacts, Tasks
  • Use Outlook or Browser-based Client
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Exchange Online Plan 2


Per Month/Box
  • 100 GB Mailbox per user
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Hosted voicemail
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • All Plan 1 Features
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Email Security

Running a business comes with many risks, but email security shouldn't be one of them.

Absolute offers several security options including email encryption, endpoint security, phishing, malware and virus filtering, and more.

The following security awareness best practices are recommended for all businesses.

Phishing Attempt

Be mindful of phishing attempts

Any email with a web link that you didn't directly request should be suspect.
Password Protection

Setup Two-Factor Authentication

We advise all of our clients to setup two-factor authentication on their email accounts.
SSL Certificate

Watch for SSL certificate errors

If your browser is telling you something is wrong with a website but you aren't sure, reach out for assistance. There may be a problem or the site you are trying to access or it may not be legit.
Phishing Attempt

Verify requests for critical information

If the CEO sends an email needing an urgent money transfer, pick up the phone and call them.  Make it a rule not to allow those kinds of requests via Email so that everyone knows what to do when that happens.

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Security Options

EncryptionEndpoint SecurityFiltering

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