Hosting Plans

We offer two tiers for website hosting:

Basic Hosting


Per Month
  • Nightly site and database backups
  • Server space on our web server for all your website files
  • Domain management
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The Advanced Hosting is designed for our WordPress sites.

Hosting does not include updates to your site content or any additions. Server related issues will be fixed for free while website issues (programming and content display) will be charged hourly.

Email Service

We offer two options for email service: Office 365 and GSuite. Office 365 is $4/box per month. GSuite is $5.50/box per month. Office 365 email is just the email service with shared calendars and contacts. It does not include any Office programs such as Word or Excel. GSuite includes all the Google Apps such as Docs, Sheets, Drive and others.

SSL Certificate

Our host provider offers a free SSL certificate so there will be no monthly charge to secure the credit app form.

Credit App Form

We discussed the security issues regarding emailing the contents of the form to your email address. While the SSL certificate encrypts the connection between the browser and the server, it doesn’t encrypt the connection between the server and your email client. It is best to keep that information on the server and to only download it to your computer from there.

We recommend using Wufoo for this service as they offer field encryption on their forms and the information stays on their server. You can log into your account to review and app and download the information.

Pricing for the Bona Fide Package – $29.95/mo.

Here is some information on their security and spam protection

Third Party Services

We resell several third-party services and can manage those accounts for you. We only charge 10% over the cost of the service. This way you can receive one bill from us and we manage all the accounts and renewals for you. You can elect to do this on your own as well to avoid the 10% markup.