Layout Boilerplates

Boilerplate layouts can significantly reduce the design budget on your project. By choosing one of these layouts as a starting place, we can remove and add sections that you will need as well as color and brand it with your content and logos. You are not limiting yourself when choosing a boilerplate but rather laying a tried and true foundation for your web presence while reducing your overall budget.

Layout 1

A balanced layout focused on less wording and more visuals and calls to action

Layout 2

A site with mobile readiness at the forefront and a wide background on the desktop version to give an open feel to a narrow layout.

Layout 3

An open layout with part work and calls to action that drive a user deeper into the site. There is branding opportunities and a map right on home page.

Layout 4

Branding and calls to action. That is what this layout is all about. Are you wanting to put coupons and sales on your home page? Then this layout is for you.

Layout 5

If you are looking for opportunity to show a lot of information on your home page this is the layout for you. Plenty of space and persistent navigation you can pack lots of information and sales opportunities into the home page.

Layout 6

Great all purpose layout with plenty of artwork and call to action spaces.

Layout 7

If you have a product or app you are focusing on, this is a great showcase layout with plenty of space to detail the features of your product.


Layout 8

If you are a service oriented business this may be a great layout to detail what you have to offer as well as showcasing your business hours and testimonies.


Layout 9

This is a more simple layout, focusing on textures and colors with limited text and more visuals


Layout 10

If you are an organization that has classes or training, this layout may be a better option for you. There are also plenty of opportunities for calls to action.

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