Senior Shepherds

Senior Shepherds Case Study

Who is Senior Shepherds?

When Wyvette came into our office, she sold us immediately on her vision of at home care. Senior Shepherds is a patient-focused home care service that has taken a unique approach to this kind of work.

From the start, Wyvette has regularly described a vision of caregivers and patients spending time together in mutually edifying relationships. Having spent a career’s worth of time in marketing at home health care, Wyvette saw a host of problems. Caregivers were overworked or had long hours, there was little thought given to the compatibility of the client and the caregiver, and the clients are often viewed as just another sale.

Wyvette says all the time that this dream is one she has carried for years.  It is not often you see older individuals with startups, but Senior Shepherds is one of them. It is clear that Senior Shepherds will be benefiting from Wyvette’s wisdom and experience.

What did we do for them?

When creating the branding and website for Senior Shepherds one thing was clear. People are most important to them. This influenced every single aspect of the branding and site. The shepherd’s crook in the hand forming the heart and the colors of the logo were all choosing to communicate the relationship that the caregivers will be creating with the clients.

The design of the site has a marketing focus with plenty of lead capture and information all directed towards informing potential clients decision making. One of the details that a casual visitor to the site would not pick up on is that all the pictures on the site except for a few filler images are of her friends, relatives, and caregivers. All together the site communicates the attention to the person and individual as well as the care that Wyvette has for her caregivers.


Even though Senior Shepherds is no longer in business we truly enjoyed working with their team. The vision she and her team had for senior home care is one that we got behind and believed in. If you are looking to start a senior home care business let us help brand and market you.

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