Salt and Vine: Case Study

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My name is Heather, I’m just a small town girl who LOVES clothes! From spending hours in my closet putting together outfits for no real reason, to pouring over my favorite style bloggers’ Instagrams, I’ve been clothing obsessed! It’s been a longtime dream of mine to share that passion with other women, and finally Salt & Vine was born! I believe in the power of a good outfit to give you that extra boost of confidence, whether it be a first date, job interview, out on the town with the girls, or just running errands. Feeling great and being true to yourself in your own style is what it’s all about! ~ Heather – Salt and Vine Clothing

The Logo Design Epiphany

There are moments in our work where we get right in the head of a client and get what it is that drives them. When Heather approached us about Salt and Vine, she had already tried to get the site and logo going on her own. She provided what she had already tried, and we went from there.

We started with the logo design. The name Salt and Vine came from Heather’s love of the beach and wine. After several iterations on the nautical theme, we went with a more feminine script that captured the fluidity of fashion along with beach waves and the swirl of wine in the stemmed glass. We tied the whole theme together with a nautical rope to really solidify the idea of the beach and the easy breezy feel of a girls only vacation.

The Web Design Epiphany

During the development of the site, we knew the site would be picture driven with colors and visual elements taken directly from the logo. Often when laying out a website, it is best to know the demographic you are speaking to and then to get into their head. What we realized about clothing and fashion is that it is a creative process. It is the extension of playing dress up as a child but at the level of real art. Matching outfit with a mood, combining the right shoe with the right purse it is all self-expression. This captured what Heather and Salt and Vine clothing are all about. The process of self-expression through clothing. Heather is curating clothing that meets the mood of the time so that women all over can express their culture, their times and their zest for life.

The Functionality Epiphany

The real question you have to ask is does the website work? While we were developing the site and getting the eCommerce Solution setup, we hit a little course change. Heather is not only running an online store but is going to be running a pop-up booth at various trade shows. To meet her need to sell clothes at these shows she utilizes Square. We had originally planned to use Stripe for a payment gateway, but when the information that Square was already in use came out, we changed course immediately. We integrated the site with Square, and now her inventory both physical and online are synced. That means that if she sells the item online, then she won’t oversell it in person.

Why We Love Salt and Vine

Heather was a great person to work with, and we look forward to a continued partnership. She is driven, friendly and “if we do say so ourselves” fashionable. She is a small business East Texan entrepreneur in looking to have a curated set of women’s clothing garmented to capture the hearts and imaginations of women everywhere. Good luck Heather we look forward to your success. If you are an East Texan in Longview, Tyler and other parts and you have a small business or want to start one contact us today! We can help you get started on the right foot.