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Pathway Church Case Study

Long-term clients are awesome. We love working with people and organizations and helping them grow and integrate their marketing, creative, and messaging into a cohesive effort. Time is the only resource that makes it possible.

Pathway Church in Longview, TX is one of those clients. They have been with us since before we were a department. Having worked with one of the team members when he was freelancing, and later becoming a client when the Absolute Creative Department was formed, they have been with us a considerable amount of time.

What difference does this make? When you stick with a talented creative team and work together, you start to speak each other’s language. We get to find out what the organization and the people running it are really about. They begin to trust us. When that happens, things really start to gel.

You can see this in the artwork surrounding Pathway. We have spent a long time capturing their message in visuals, websites, and motion graphics. We have helped with advancing messages, causes and helped define the identity of a burgeoning youth group.

More than that, we care about their future. As they begin their journey towards a new building, we look forward to helping them tell the story. That is what marketing is about. Telling a story where every single component of an organization is saying the same thing.

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